How to become a volunteer

Opportunities are available for individuals and organized groups. The guidelines below will help you get started as an OANRP volunteer.

Individual Interested in Signing Up to Volunteer

No experience is necessary to participate in OANRP volunteer trips.  However, all participants must become approved RCUH volunteers.  Please note that all volunteer applications completed prior to 2018 have expired.

  1. Submit a 2018 RCUH Volunteer Application online via the State of Hawai’i eSign service.
  2. Sign up for upcoming trips online at www.oanrp.ivolunteer.comEven if you sign up for a waitlist, we encourage you to submit an application so that you will be eligible to join the trip in the event that a space opens up.
  3. Receive volunteer application status email(s).
  4. Receive individual volunteer trip confirmation 4-6 days prior to volunteer outing.

PLEASE NOTE: In the following volunteer trip announcement, which will cover May-June trips, sign ups will be restricted to approved RCUH volunteers.  Turn in your application before the end of April if you would like to be eligible to sign up for May-June volunteer trips!

Organizing a Volunteer Trip for a Group

We will gladly organize a volunteer experience for groups that carry their own insurance, or group members can apply individually via through our volunteer application process. We plan trips based on group experience level and OANRP project needs. We typically book at least three months in advance and can host up to 10 participants (including chaperones) at a time. We may be able to accommodate specific location requests if you are able to book early. Please contact to schedule a volunteer opportunity.

Groups affiliated with public/private schools, Boy Scouts of America, or other youth programs are welcome.  Recommended for grade four (4) and higher.  A representative (e.g., Troop leader) from the organization must be present on the trip.