Volunteer Applications and Renewals

All OANRP volunteers must re-apply to volunteer with us in 2017 (and annually thereafter). For those that have never filled out an application, this is also a good time to turn in your form so that you will be eligible to sign up for January/February trips.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Monday, November 21, 2016.  Email completed applications to apply@oanrp.com.  We are accepting applications after the deadline and will do our best to accommodate these applicants. 

Please pay close attention to the following information so that we can process your application in a timely manner.  Mahalo for your cooperation!

  • Make sure your application is filled out completely.  If the question does not apply to your situation, please write “N/A” or “none”.
  • Reference required for all applicants
    • You may use Kim or Celeste as a reference if you have been on a volunteer trip with us before. Otherwise, please list someone who can attest to your ability to hike.
      • Kim Welch, 656-7741, kmwelch@hawaii.edu, outreach specialist
      • Celeste Hanley, 656-7741, celestev@hawaii.edu, outreach specialist
  • Signature
    • A valid signature is required for all applications.  The table below describes what does and does not constitute a valid signature.
    • For minor applicants (ages 14-17), a parent or guardian must sign in the “parent/guardian” line.
  • validated digital signature (e.g., using Adobe Acrobat)
  • digitally drawn signature
  • physically drawn signature
  • typed signature
  • no signature
  • uncertified digital signature


  1. Download the volunteer application.
  2. Email your completed volunteer application to apply@oanrp.com by Monday, November 21.
  3. Upon submission, you should receive a confirmation via email.
  4. When your application is approved, you will receive an update via email.

Mahalo for your continued interest in volunteering with us!  We look forward to another great year of protecting native forests with all of you!