National Public Lands Day at Ka’ala; October 3-4, 2021

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Celebrate Something We All Share: Our Public Lands!

On October 3 & 4, 2021, join thousands of people at sites throughout the nation and take part in National Public Lands Day (NPLD). NPLD is the nation’s largest, single-day volunteer effort for public lands.

Here on O’ahu, we will spend two days at the summit of Ka’ala, controlling invasive kahili ginger and Florida blackberry that threaten to overtake the native forest species. In order to provide ample time for our weed control projects, along with educational interpretive hikes in the area, this will be a two-day/one night camping trip.

PROJECT: We will control kahili ginger and Florida blackberry using small hand tools (e.g., hand saws, pruners, protective gloves). We will apply herbicide (Garlon4 for blackberry and Escort for kahili ginger) to the cut stumps and stems of invasive weeds.

After the service portion of each day, we will take time to enjoy an interpretive native plant hike (Sunday) and a birding hike (Monday) along the Ka’ala boardwalk and nearby area. Staff will provide natural resource and cultural history information on the area as we hike along the trail.

HIKING TIME: 1 hour (round trip)

DIFFICULTY: Easy; level trail along boardwalk.

WHAT TO BRING: A complete list of what to bring for the weeding projects and camping will be emailed to participants once confirmed on the sign-up list.

All weeding tools and gloves will be provided and some camping equipment will be provided as well.


Meet at Army natural resources baseyard on Oct. 3

  • Drive to Ka’ala Summit (~1.5 hour)
  • Unload vehicles; safety briefing; set up camp
  • Weed control (~2 hours); lunch; more weed control (~2 hours)
  • Interpretive hike along boardwalk
  • Clean-up; meal prep; dinner; star gazing

Oct. 4 (day two)

  • Meal prep; breakfast
  • Birding Hike
  • Weed control (~2 hours); lunch; more weed control (~2 hours)
  • Break down camp; Load up trucks
  • Return drive to Army Natural Resources baseyard (~1.5 hour)
  • Clean up gear; pau

Contact to register for the event