Puali’i Planting Day

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The rainy season has arrived! Join us in planting native forest species in beautiful Puali’i, located in the southern Wai’anae Range.

Staff have been growing native species in the Army Natural Resources Program’s rare plant nurseries all year. With your planting efforts, we can extend native canopy and ground cover and help protect the numerous rare and endangered plants and animals that depend on Puali’i’s dry forest habitat.

PROJECT: We will spend the day digging holes, planting plants and watering within the fenced management unit at Puali’i.  We will use small hand tools (trowels) and gloves to plant and backpack sprayers to water. Staff will also help to dig planting holes with a gas-powered auger.

HIKING TIME: 2 hours (round trip)

DIFFICULTY: Moderate; some elevation gain.

WHAT TO BRING: Long pants, long sleeve shirt and shoes with good traction. Please review the suggested packing list.

All tools and gloves will be provided.


  • Drive to trailhead (~1 hour)
  • Unload vehicles; safety briefing (~15 minutes)
  • Hike to project site (~1 hour)
  • Weed control (~1.5 hours)
  • Lunch (1/2 hour)
  • More weed control (~1  hour)
  • Fruit collection and seed sowing (~1/2 hour)
  • Explore nearby forest (~1/2 hour)
  • Hike back to vehicles (~1 hour)
  • Wash weeding gear (~15 minutes)
  • Load up trucks (~15 minutes)
  • Return drive to OANRP baseyard (~1 hour)
  • Clean up gear; pau (~15 minutes)